Jun 4, 2014

Annual Catholic Appeal volunteer fair to recruit help for local nonprofit agencies



Staff report    

SPRINGFIELD – The Annual Catholic Appeal (ACA) for the Diocese Springfield is in the final month of its active fundraising phase. “Serve with Love” is the theme of this year’s appeal, a campaign with a long history of neighbor helping neighbor.

In keeping with this theme, a volunteer fair is scheduled for June 11 in the Bishop Marshall Center at St. Michael’s Cathedral in Springfield. Anyone wishing to donate their time to help any of the agencies funded by the ACA is invited to come and meet representatives from several of the supported groups.

Stacy Dibbern, manager of the Annual Catholic Appeal, said the theme of “serving with love” connects with the previous year’s theme of “Neighbor Helping Neighbor,” while it also answers the call of Pope Francis to perform acts of charity toward others.

“When we serve others we’re serving our neighbors and it’s just a call from Pope Francis to really get back to the bare bones of what our Catholic teaching tells us: that we have to serve the ones who are most in need,” said Dibbern.

This year’s ACA goal is $3 million, which will help to support some 40 agencies and services across western Massachusetts. To date, 17,696 donors have pledged $2,452,619 of the $3 million goal.

For those who have yet to give, contributions can be made online at www.diospringfield.org.

The volunteer fair will be held in Huller Hall in the Marshall Center from 5 to 7 p.m. Refreshments will be served and raffle prizes will be awarded.