May 9, 2014

Former Planned Parenthood worker makes the case for pro-life



Story and photos by Carolee McGrath

AGAWAM – Catherine Adair, a former employee of Planned Parenthood in Boston, told her conversion story to a crowd of close to 630 people last night at Chez Joseph, here.

Adair (pictured at podium above) was the keynote speaker for the 40th annual Mother’s Day Dinner, sponsored by the Pioneer Valley Massachusetts Citizens for Life (PV-MCFL).

“Feminist women are still silencing the voices of women like myself who have had an abortion and have had a really negative outcome,” Adair told iobserve. The mother of five has been sharing her story with audiences across the country in an effort to change hearts and minds on the issue of abortion. She not only worked in the abortion industry, but also had an abortion when she was in college.

“Ninety-percent of women who identify themselves as pro-choice don’t even know what they’re supporting. They’ve never been inside a clinic," Adair said. "They’ve never seen what happens in an abortion. They’ve never seen a baby after an abortion and never dealt with women who really suffer and have been traumatized by abortion.”  

“Then you have the women who work in the clinics. Most of them I suspect are post-abortive,” she told iobserve.

Adair shared painful and graphic details of the day that changed her perspective on a women’s so called right to choose. She described how she was cleaning up a room after an abortion and saw the remains of a baby.

“At my Planned Parenthood, we did first- and second-trimester abortions. It was after seeing the aftermath of a second-trimester abortion, seeing the baby that had been dismembered in the abortion, that I really came to understand that what we were doing was wrong,” she said.

Adair, who was raised Catholic, stayed away from the church after her abortion. Now she’s come back to the Catholic Church and believes God called her to share her story.

“Catherine Adair is a real gift to the pro-life community,” said dinner chairman Mark Dupont (in right photo, at podium). “She came from the other side, from the pro-abortion side. Then she learned first-hand with her own eyes the horror of abortion. Now she has the courage to speak out. That’s what we’re lacking in this country, people who will speak out and call it (abortion) for what it is.”

Dupont is the director of public affairs for the Diocese of Springfield. The father of three and grandfather of one oversees the Catholic Communications ministry, which includes the “Real to Reel” newsmagazine and the diocesan magazine, The Catholic Mirror.

“Tonight is a wonderful opportunity to inspire the many young people who are here and they’re going to be able to carry Catherine’s message out to their friends at colleges and schools,” Dupont said.

Many teen groups from across the diocese attended the dinner. Rebecca James, a member of the San Damiano Youth Group at St. Stanislaus Bishop and Martyr Basilica Parish in Chicopee, was the recipient of the Pro-Life Youth Award.

“There’s always tons and tons of youth, especially at the march down in D.C. It’s always getting bigger and bigger,” James told iobserve. “The youth are definitely the next generation.”

Marilyn Stearns, a member of St. Mary Parish in Longmeadow, received the Pro-Life Award; the Bethlehem House crisis pregnancy ministry was honored as the Pro-Life Group of the Year; and State Sen. Donald Humason received the Pro-Life Legislator Award. Humason told the crowd he also once supported abortion rights.

“I am so proud to be a senator from the district and even more so to be a pro-life senator,” Humason said. “I am confident now that I am on the right side.”

The Mother’s Day Dinner is the PV-MCFL’s biggest fundraiser of the year. The proceeds from the event will support its pro-life outreach, which includes helping women facing a crisis pregnancy; education; legislative issues; pro-life billboards and advertising; and the annual March for Life bus trip.

For more on this story, tune into an upcoming edition of “Real to Reel,” the Diocese of Springfield’s television newsmagazine that airs Saturday evenings at 7 on WWLP-22NEWS.