Apr 16, 2014

Local youth group presents ‘Living Last Supper’ dramatization



Story and photos by Julie Beaulieu
WESTFIELD – Teens from the Pope John Paul II youth group acted out a “Living Last Supper” recently at Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament

Parish, here.

Their performance followed the Stations of the Cross on the evening of April 4. Lisa LaFerriere, leader of the youth group, saw the performance on YouTube and thought it would be a great Lenten activity for her students.

“I thought it would be fun for the kids to do while learning about the apostles and the Last Supper. They really enjoyed it and took it seriously. I think they also learned it not just for the crowd, but also for themselves,” said LaFerriere.

Freshman Jacob Harlow overcame his stage fright by playing Nathaniel. “My mom volunteered me,” he said. “I was very nervous at the time and not a fan of being on stage. I’ve always had stage fright. On Tuesday, I didn’t quite have my lines down, but it went pretty well. It was moving and very educational.”

Middle school student Kristen Stawasz enjoyed playing Peter and said she loves being part of the youth group. “I feel like a lot of people can relate to Peter and how he is a mixture of good and bad,” said Stawasz. “I almost felt like I was talking about my own life, in a way.”

Although the characters did not interact, each individual got to do a monologue.

The youth group started a year ago and members are in grades seven through 12, said LaFerriere.

“We wanted to have a group here for a while. A group of kids wanted a little bit more than religious education,” she explained. “I have been involved with youth ministry since I was involved myself as a youth in middle school.”

Stawasz agreed that the youth group is a nice addition to what she is learning in religious education.

“I started youth group last summer,” she said. “I was part of the core team that got it started. I feel like it’s really helped me develop a deeper relationship with God that I can depend on.”

For more information on the Pope John Paul II youth group, contact LaFerriere at [email protected].