Feb 1, 2014

Inaugural Aquinas Cup trivia contest held at Cathedral High School



Staff report
(Photo by Peggy Weber)

WILBRAHAM -- The first-ever Aquinas Cup was held on January 31 at Cathedral High School here to culminate Catholic Schools Week.

Held among a variety of activities during the week like volleyball matches, a limbo challenge and a whipped cream eating contest, the Aquinas Cup was a trivia contest involving the entire school.

“It has been a community-building activity,” said John Miller, principal of Cathedral.

Teams were made up from the advisory groups at the school. The groups span all grades and are led by teachers and staff.

“The students have gotten a lot of respect for one another and it has been a chance to show different academic strengths,” Miller told iobserve.

The group that was advised by Anne Pellan-Shea won the championship match by a commanding score of 145-55.

Brian Hennessy, a senior and team captain, was named the Most Valuable Player. The team was awarded a basket of "Smarties" candies.

The basket, however, was not just a container for candy. It was used to teach a story about St. Thomas Aquinas, for whom the cup is named. The feast day of the 13th century priest and doctor of the church took place during the week (Jan. 28).

St. Thomas was smuggled out of captivity and lowered out of a tower in a basket, according to the saintly tale. He resisted his family's push into the Benedictine order and fulfilled his dream of becoming a Dominican priest and scholar.

Other members of the winning team were: Zoe Kniskern, Sarah Carroll, Nick Sears, Joyce Lee, Justin Agyemang, Owen Mastroianni, Keith Petruzzelli, Addy Patterson,and Barenda Bandara.

When asked about his success in the Aquinas Cup Challenge, Hennessy said, “I read a lot.” He described the trivia contest as fun.

The second-place team was advised by Diane Trela. John Henle was the team captain. Other members were: Molly Sullivan, Nana Le, Hannah Potter, Phil Moynihan, Devin Bunnell, Brendan Markey, Cheng Cheng Sha and Kyle Kazeroid.