Jan 6, 2014

Volunteers help raise new wooden cross at Mary Farm in Ware



(Photos courtesy of Dennis Hamel)

By Peggy Weber

WARE – A new crucifix was raised at Mary Farm, here, recently. It replaced a cross that had been erected in 1997.

Mary Farm is the headquarters for the Apostolate of the Suffering. It also is the residence for the Silent Workers of the Cross. It is described as “an oasis of peace” and a place for the physically challenged to come and pray.

At the first raising, members of Holy Trinity Parish in Westfield helped with the event.

Dennis Hamel organized a group of new workers in November 2013 to replace the cross that had suffered from rotting wood. Seven men united their skills and muscles to put up the new crucifix.

The beams were donated by Bannish Lumber of Chester. Those who helped were Hamel, Thadeus Bannish, Brother Bob Letasz, Isaias Pena, Mark Casimiro, Francisco Rosario and Jeremiah Brown.

Hamel said he got involved with Mary Farm in 1992 because of his father. He said his dad, who is now 93, is the only living member of the founding group. He said that many people are busy, but he has come to realize the importance of making time for one’s faith.

More information about Mary Farm can be found at its website: https://sites.google.com/site/sodcusa/ or by calling 413-283-4529 or emailing [email protected]